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June 25, 2024
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Carolina Mountain Sports carries select backpacks by North Face, Kelty (internal and external frame), Equinox  and occasionally Gregory and Vaude.   We are happy to do special orders, if necessary, to accommodate various torso lengths and sizes.  I, and quite a few customers find the new, updated External Frame packs to be quite comfortable, lightweight and an excellent option for growing scouts, due to the telescoping frame.

CMS Pack Tip:  In our experience (both hiking for 40+ years and fitting packs on customers for 20+  years), proper fit and feel of a pack is critically important.  Torso measuring devices and charts are a good starting point but they do not take into consideration dimensions such as the thickness of a person’s chest and shoulders, or the length of their neck.   There is no substitute for trying on a pack containing weight, and having it fitted properly, by a knowledgeable, experienced sales clerk.  

All of the major pack manufacturers make excellent packs, but all the brands fit and feel differently, even though they may be the same torso size.  Straps are cut and contoured differently; padding is located in different spots; and hip belts are cut and contoured differently.  One person may love a particular brand and model of pack, and another person may find it intolerably uncomfortable.   Don’t buy based solely on advertising, another person’s recommendation, or a product review.   Try it on, with a load in it, and decide based on fit and comfort, and how you really plan to use the pack. 




Updated: July 17, 2021
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