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■ Footwear

Brands in stock include Vasque, Asolo, Columbia, North Face, Teva.    These and other companies produce excellent footwear.   Most of the boots we carry are models with a Gore-tex or other waterproof/breathable membranes.
The relatively new Vasque Wasatch and Breeze have been our top sellers lately.  Customers looking for an inexpensive boot have been happy with the Columbia waterproof models for $80.

We carry socks by Smartwool, Columbia and Fox River.  Smartwool continues to be our top seller and we stock several models from liner socks to expedition weight.  Repeated feedback from new customers continues to reinforce the benefits of good wool socks, whether for casual wear or for outdoor use.  On a regular basis, customers who think they cannot wear wool find out that Smartwool is proof that they can. 

CMS Boot Tip

Like backpacks, the most important aspect of a boot is fit and comfort.  Realizing there is little or no standardization of sizing in the boot industry,  boots must be tried on with the socks you anticipate wearing.   Typically, hiking boots should be about a size, to a size-and-a-half, larger than street shoes.   This is only a guide.   Boots should definitely be longer to avoid toe impact on downhill trails.  

Also, like backpacks, the fit of boots can be fine-tuned.   This is best done by changing sock combinations and thickness, as well as changing insoles.   Boots must be tried on and worn for quite a few minutes, or longer, before a final decision is made.   Also, we encourage boot shoppers to try on different brands and sizes.   Since there is little standardization, one brand (or model within a brand) may be just right, even though several other models didn’t fit. 

Good fit in a hiking boot is critical.   It is not unusual to find that someone needs a longer boot than they imagined.  One important factor is “arch length,” the distance from the heel to the ball of the foot.   The boot should, ideally, bend or flex at the ball of a person’s foot.   Frequently, the proper arch length requires a longer boot.

Updated: July 17, 2021
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