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Wader selections in stock  include models from  Simms, Redington, Dan Bailey and Chota.    All are excellent and offer a price point and features to suit your needs and tastes.  If it's not in stock, I'm happy to special order.   Simms Gore-tex models are the only waders made in the U.S. and Simms also offers some custom fit options which may appeal to folks having trouble getting the correct size.   Simms and Chota wading boots have been our best sellers and we stock several models in felt sole and a few in rubber sole.      Vests are by Simms, Fishpond, and  Redington;  tackle packs are by Fishpond, and Simms.   Naturally, we also stock a wide assortment of leaders, indicators, nippers, clamps, etc.  Out primary fly lines are by Rio, Cortland, Scientific Anglers and Royal Wulff.  Due to popular demand, our inventory  of Simms Clothing and accessories has been greatly expanded to include shirts, shoes, socks, belts, Sun Gaiters and more. 

Fly tying equipment is by Renzetti, Griffin, Dr. Slick, as  well as FTMand others brands.  We typically stock the excellent  Renzetti Traveler vise, and some less expensive beginners models. .  These and all the Renzetti rotarys are top quality products and receive excellent reviews for their versatility and quality.   We carry an excellent  selection of tying supplies from major distributors like  Rumpf, Wapsi, Montana Fly and Hareline Dubbin, etc. .   Our fly tying materials department is quite well-stocked and offers the largest variety in the entire region.    I'm happy to take order for tying materials.  Call or email with your interests.  

The store has an extensive selection of flies, including popular nymph, dry fly and streamer patterns as well as bass flies and saltwater flies.   .  Many of our patterns are produced by our local tier, Mickey Reavis.  Mickey had tied professionally for years and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our fly tying department.     In addition, we stock patterns by Montana Fly,  Riverborn,   Dan Bailey and others.


Updated: July 17, 2021
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