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Our tent inventory includes models by Kelty, North Face, Sierra Designs, Eureka, Alps Mountaineering, and Mountain Safety Research.   We stock predominantly 2 person models, but also carry some 1,  4 and 6 person tents for family camping.  As with other products, special orders are easy and frequently done to get a specific model for a customer.    Lightweight tarps are an important shelter or accessory and we carry models by Kelty, Etowah Outfitters and Equinox.

Tent Buying Tips

The well-known tent manufacturers produce excellent products and all stand behind their models.   Make sure you are correctly interpreting the specs and particularly the tent weight.  Tent weights are published in several ways and this can be confusing and misleading.

Most backpacking tents are just roomy enough to accommodate the number of people specified.   Frequently, there is no extra room inside for gear (unless the tent has a generous vestibule or two).  Consequently, a hiker wanting a solo tent may actually be well-served by an ultralight 2-person model.   Likewise, a person wanting a 2-person tent may want to consider a 3 or 4 person model.

Ventilation and netting can be important features especially in the southeast.   And, most 3-season tents will perform quite well during the winter as well, if your campsite is not exposed to severe winds and snow weight.  In fact, most tents perform perfectly well through all 4 seasons in the southeast, and other parts of the country.   

Learning to properly pitch a tent, beyond the simple staking and guying instructions, is an important skill to acquire.  In addition, placing plastic sheeting on the inside floor of a tent (rather than underneath) , will help you stay dry when water is standing on, or running over,  the ground.  Yes, we recognize this is contrary to most guidance…but it works.   Water that gets between the groundsheet and tent floor will seep through.   Read some of Cliff Jacobsen’s books for excellent guidance on pitching tents, or some of the late Harry Roberts’ writing.

Updated: July 17, 2021
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