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■Backpacking & Camping Equipment

Our inventory includes a variety of backpacking accessories and gear, and we try to maintain stock on the most important and frequently needed items.  Some of our products are not available in large chain stores or from internet dealers. If it’s not here, we’re happy to order it from one of our suppliers.   Some items can be delivered in 3 or 4 days.   Others, from the west coast may take 5 to 7 days to arrive. There is an endless variety of accessories and special needs products that we can order from the 3 largest outdoor specialty distributors in the country.   Things like buckles, straps, cord locks, insoles, lanterns, water proofing treatments… and much, much more are easily ordered.  Specialty brands in addition to those already mentioned include Outdoor Research,Exped, Leki, NEOS, Equinox, Etowah Outfitters, Thule, Cascade Designs, Liberty Mountain, Solstice, Alps Mountaineering, Chota, Teva…and many others.


Our sleeping bag inventory is typically comprised of models from The North Face, Kelty, and Western Mountaineering.  From The North Face we usually stock the Orion,  Cat’s Meow, the economy priced Aleutian, and the youth Blue Ridge.    These are excellent synthetic bags, rated at 20 degrees,  and are very popular with our customers.  North Face has recently shifted to Climashield synthetic insulation.  This new insulation appears to offer significant advantages over other synthetics and at no increase in price.    Depending on the season, we will have other bags in stock.

For the budget minded camper, the Slumberjack Latitude has proven to be a good seller.   It uses Slumberjack’s SlumberLoft HQ insulation and  weighs in at an acceptable total weight of 3lb.  9oz for only $55.  We’re happy to order any of the Slumberjack models or any of the bags from Eureka.  CMS can also order sleeping bags from Sierra Designs, Alps Mountaineering, as well as Coleman and a few others.   If you are looking for something special let us know. 

Western Mountaineering is a manufacturer of superb goose down bags at a premium price.   But, for the customer seeking the most warmth for the least weight and the greatest longevity,  WM’s goose down bags are the way to go.  Compared to other manufacturers, we find WM’s temperature ratings to be very conservative. 

Bag Selection Tips:

Larger campers should be very alert to the dimensions of mummy bags.   They are not all cut the same.   Try to compare shoulder circumference measurements, but, it’s best to actually crawl in a bag and zip it up.   If you need a bag larger than a long “cut” several manufacturers make oversized mummy bags that are quite roomy.

Temperature ratings are estimates of a bag’s comfort range.   The ability of a bag to meet it rating varies from one individual to another and depends on a person’s level of hydration, food intake, metabolism and other factors.   The assumption is made that a camper will be using and insulating foam pad underneath their bag and will be in a shelter or tent, and often wearing long underwear.  Take these factors into account and consult with a knowledgeable sales clerk for more guidance. 

Today’s synthetic insulated bags perform great and are very popular, especially due to their lower price.   However, many serious hikers, especially those seeking lightweight and compactness still choose good quality goose down. 

Quality down is an excellent insulator and performer.  It does not get wet the way synthetic manufacturers and others would have you believe; it has a broader comfort range; it has a longer lifespan than synthtics and quality down is lighter and more compressible than synthetic insulation..   If you are interested in down, consult the various literature that’s available and then talk with someone who has used down for years on backpacking and canoe trips, in all kinds of weather.   You just may be surprised.   We are big fans of good goose down and, if you want to know more, give Richard a call.  

Updated: July 17, 2021
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